The Luma app. Designed for life

The Luma app has been specifically designed with you in mind, so that you can access helpful insights and build up an accurate picture of how your haemoglobin results are doing over time.

The Luma App
Track the trends

See the progress

Our easy-to-use app with on-screen guidance allows you to input results, log your medications, and set medication and test reminders.

Download onto your phone/tablet and complete the quick-start set-up to begin.

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Identify trends in your data

Luma will help you build up a picture of how you're doing. See trends in test results and gain a better understanding of your haemoglobin levels.

Keep track of your medication

The medication you take, as well as the dosage, may differ over time. Keep your app updated with this information - as well as any missed doses - and learn whether any changes might be impacting your levels.

Luma app medication

Tell Luma how you feel

Whether it's a physical symptom or an emotional state, your app lets you record how you're feeling; enabling you to spot potential connections with your haemoglobin levels.

Luma app symptoms

Set handy reminders

Life is busy - and remembering things like testing or taking your medication can be a pain. Let Luma help you. Set alerts using the app, and stay on track with automatic reminders so that you don't miss your next home haemoglobin test.

Luma app reminders

Keep track of periods

Use the optional app feature to track information about your periods, and see whether changes in your cycle might relate to changes in your body.

Luma app period tracking