What is the Luma NHS programme?

Luma is being offered in select NHS groups specifically for high risk groups to continue essential monitoring of Haemoglobin levels at home, allowing individuals to maintain physical distancing and shielding guidelines for COVID-19.

What do I need to know?

Luma is being used to look at Haemoglobin levels on an individual basis, therefore it is essential to report your results to your Healthcare Professional and follow their advice.

What do I need to do?

Tests should be performed as directed by your healthcare professional, usually twice a week. You can use the Luma App to easily log and track your results. Please report your results as directed to your healthcare professional physician, so they may monitor your levels.

How to perform a test?

Watch our videos below to see how to prepare for and conduct a test.
For further support, contact us directly on our Support page.

How to prepare for your test

How to take your first test

How to send your test results via the App

Depending on your phone the email icon may look different. Please email your results as regularly as requested to the address provided by your healthcare professional.