Luma is a compact and easy-to-use medical device that measures haemoglobin levels from a single drop of blood. Luma empowers users to self-test and monitor their haemoglobin levels from the safety and comfort of their own home.

The Luma Programme

Once a patient has been enrolled on the Luma programme by a healthcare professional, they will receive a Luma Device along with all the components they need to perform regular tests and guided training. The testing frequency will be recommended by a patient’s medical team, most commonly twice a week.

Within a few weeks, Luma can become a routine part of a patient's life, allowing them to self-test wherever they want at a time that suits them, guided by their healthcare team. They will also receive ongoing testing and technical support throughout their time using Luma, whilst being remotely monitored by their healthcare professional.

The Luma Device

The Luma device itself is small, light-weight, battery-powered and easily transportable. If you have any questions about how to store the device, most are addressed within our FAQs


The Process

  • To perform a test, start by washing your hands in warm water and then prick your finger with the lancet provided.
  • Wipe away the first drop of blood and collect the second drop in the cuvette. A single drop is all you need.
  • Insert the cuvette containing your sample into the open Luma device, close the lid of the device and press the green button on the screen to start the analysis process. This will take about 60 seconds.
  • Once the device has finished the analysis process, your haemoglobin result will appear on the screen.

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Track trends; see progress.

Our easy-to-use app with on-screen guidance allows users to input results, log their medications, and set helpful medication and test reminders. Users can also track their well-being over time.

After performing a test with Luma, a patient will send their results to the Luma Service team. To enable a patient to be remotely monitored, Healthcare Professionals will regularly receive a report from the Luma Service Team of collated results from all their patients.

Download the Luma app onto a phone or tablet and complete the quick-start set-up to begin.

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